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Recode Activator Module 11

"It is our duty to concentrate all our influence to make popular that which is sound and good,
and unpopular that which is unsound."
 - Joseph Smith Jr

  • Recode Your Influence, Part I

    Mobilizing Coordinated Action.  In this module we will look at how to not just influence within your project or organization but will uncover how to influence one to many on larger scales to mobilize coordinated action.  We will explore the four major steps of influence and the key capabilities for you to build for each of these steps.  In addition we’ll discover the 5 emotional powers that govern human decision making.

Recode Module 11 Videos

This week's trainings contain 12 videos  on Recoding Your Influence - Mobilizing Coordinated Action, where you'll learn how to influence on a larger scale than just your team.  Start each module by watching the videos below and following along with our downloadable Recode Manual.

Each module contains exercises and reflection questions to help you integrate this material.  These exercises will be explained in the videos and will appear in an editable Recode Workbook which you can use to fill in your responses.

Click the video thumbnails below to watch each video or download the audio versions below to listen on the go.  You'll find the Recode Manual and Workbook for Module 11 down below to gain access to the summaries, diagrams, integration exercises, and reflection journal discussed in this video.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 1: Influencing Coordinated Action (12:14)

In this video we shift our focus from leading ourselves and our teams to leading the public en masse. We'll introduce the 4 critical steps of influence looking at the sequence people go through when first hearing about your products or projects through to taking a specific action you want them to take.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 2: STEP 1 - Get Their Attention (13:28)

In this video we focus on the first step in our blueprint to recode your influence which is to get their attention.  In this step we look at developing the core skill of creating a compelling hook looking both at several examples of some great hooks and some not so great hooks.  Here we observe some key characteristics to emulate to create a hook that gets the public's attention.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 3: STEP 2 - Change Their Minds (28:46)

In this video we look at how to do step two in our blueprint for influence which is about changing their minds.   We'll walk you through the 4 components you'll need to influence and change someone's beliefs in our compelling clear story format.  You'll learn how to use this tool to both improve your ability to be a change maker and to diagnose exactly how to improve any clear story.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 4: STEP 3 - Change Their Hearts (9:07)

In this video we will look at how to change someone's hearts which is the third step in our influence blueprint.  It's not enough to change someone's mind.  If you want to create action you must also change their hearts.  We'll introduce the 5 emotional powers you'll need to learn in order to master changing someone's heart to influence them to join your cause.

RECODE MODULE 11,  Video 5: The Power of the Convener (9:52)

In this video we explore the first of the 5 emotional powers which is the power of the convener.  Here we'll explore how and why the convener is able to have so much influence and will encourage you to become the convener for your project.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 6: The Power of Status (18:16)

In this video we look at the second emotional power of influence which is the power of status.  Here we'll explore several factors that inform your status and will look at 5 qualities to develop in your self to authentically increase your status.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 7: The Power of Social Proof (13:20)

In this video we explore the emotional power of social proof and celebrity to rally people to your cause.  Here we look at the tremendous impact social proof can have and some strategies to employ to use social proof as influence.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 8: The Power of  Understanding (14:01)

In this video we talk about the fourth emotional power of influence which is understanding.  We talk about 5 qualities to develop and  several practical strategies to use to enhance your understanding of the people you most want to influence.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 9: The Power of Memes (10:21)

COMING SOON: In this video we take a close look at the power of memes to shift our culture en masse and look at several ways we can use memes to boost the visibility and influence of our causes.  We'll look at some examples of common memes and end this video in an integration exercise that will have you working with the emotional power that is most salient for you to develop.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 10: STEP 4 - Get Them To Take Action (20:34)

In this video we look at the fourth step of our blueprint on influence which is to get them to take action as it's the true purpose of all of your communication.  We'll be looking at how to develop a call to action that mobilizes action walking through 7 specific improvements you can make to influence action.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 11: Interview w/ Marc Angelo Coppola (43:20)

In this video talk with entrepreneur, activist and movement maker Marc Angelo Coppola.  In this lively interview he shares with us the 8 critical steps toward creating a movement and massive impact.  Enjoy as he also shares some of his work with the Valhalla movement and the Super Hero academy.

RECODE MODULE 11, Video 12: Integration & Reflections (3:08)

In this integration video we look at the blue print for influence, the 5 emotional powers of decision making and the 7 improvements to your call to action as the steps and capabilities to develop to recode your influence.  In this video we talk through 3 reflection questions to share with your community and the people in our recode forum.

  • Integration Exercise

    This week we are having you Recode your Influence, Part I which has you following the 4 key steps in our blueprint for influencing the public en masse.

    The full instructions are in the RECODE MANUAL AND WORKBOOK for Module 11 with a summary of the exercises below.

    1.  Step 1 Get Their Attention With A Great Hook:  In this exercise you will create a simple, entertaining, counterintuitive hook for your business or project.

    2.  Step 2 Change Their Minds With A Clear Story:  In this exercise you will use the clear story format to create a compelling narrative that compellingly influences your audiences beliefs.

    3.  Step 3 Change Their Hearts:  In this exercise you will choose one of the 5 emotional power of decision making to develop in yourself and follow along with the exercise in the workbook to enhance that ability.

    4.  Step 4 Get Them To Take Action:  In this exercise you will create a call to action incorporating the 7 key improvements discussed in video 10 of this module.

  • Self Reflections

    Reflections exercises are one or more questions that we’d like you to be in deep consideration of for the entire week.  These are meant to be shared with your family, friends, and community so that they can offer you a more complete 360 view of yourself, your identity, and your reality.

    Everyone has blind spots.  These are areas where we are less developed that are outside our view.  Getting reflections will point out things that you might not ever know yourself.

    In addition, the more you consider these reflection questions the more likely you’ll be able to break through your current level of thinking and use the exercises to leap frog into a new level of consciousness.

    These questions will be posted on the Recode Facebook Forum where they are meant to be responded to by you from week to week.  Here are this weeks reflection exercises:

    1. Which of the 5 emotional powers have i decided to invest in? (Convener / Status / Social Proof / Being Understood / Memes) – What is my next step in learning how to better wield this power
    2. Which area of the clear story am i typically weakest at? (You Think / But Really / If You Just / Then You’ll Get) What has been the cost to my project or my cause of this weakness?
    3. What (if anything) am I afraid might be exposed or discovered if my message suddenly takes off and develops a wide audience? What (if any) fears do I have associated with being recognized as a leader in my field?
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