STEP 3: Recode Your Identity

You will Recode Your Identity in Modules 5 and 6.  Click the images below to access those trainings.

Merge Your Identity with A Broader Concern.  You’ll learn how to experience a larger and larger group as “self”.  As you broaden your sense of self, your consciousness expands and allows for a completely different set of fears, motivations, and experiences at each level.  Learn how merging your identity with a broader concern gives you access to a new levels of motivations, experiences, focus, resources, and partnerships.

Develop Systemic thinking and Problem Solving.  In this module you’ll learn what systems thinking is, why it’s critical to you and to humanity, and how to apply it to reconsider your approach to your current projects.  We’ll compare and contrast systems thinking with “normal” analytical cause and effect thinking unlocking new ways of understanding how the various parts in a system relate and inter effect each other