The Rate Of Evolution Is Speeding Up

In the last 30 years it's been observed for the first time in human history that evolution is cycling within the span of a human life.  When we study the history of evolution it teaches us that it favors not the smartest, not the strongest, but the most adaptable.  Evolution will favor those that will be most flexible in their thinking, understanding, being and their behavior.

Recode is presenting what there is to adapt to - the leading edge of evolution.

The New Level of Game Requires A New Player

The range of capability in the human species is also expanding.  The delta between the smartest and the dumbest, the fastest and the slowest, the most successful and the least successful, the most capable and the least capable, the most free and the most bound, that range is expanding.

What would it mean to life a life in a lower and lower strata in a world which is getting more and more optimized for the highest strata? More struggle, scarcity, violence, uncontrollable emotions, unworkable relationship, being controlled and manipulated by the system, fewer choices?

This new level of game requires a new kind of player. A human being with advanced capabilities, universal values, a community of unprecedented support, and a conviction of purpose more powerful than the aging economic and social systems that are dragging us down and holding us back.

Creating a Tipping Point in Our Evolution

We believe there is a universal direction of evolution moving toward a more integrated and interconnected consciousness and  we have a unique ability to consciously understand and participate with it.

The reality of our interconnectedness and the magnitude and complexity of the global challenges we face together require deeper shifts in our consciousness.  It requires that we rise together to play a global game.  We are profoundly interconnected and when we realize  we all share in this we have a literal world of support helping us.

We created RECODE to immerse you in a transformative life laboratory, activating hidden abilities through experiential, real world challenges and accessing new ways of defining yourself, your desires and goals, and the reality of the world around you so you can help us create the tipping point in humanity's evolution.

Standing At The Doorway To A New Way Of Being

You are standing at the front door to this new way of living, this new way of being.  You are standing at the front door of your place in history as a leader in the next stage of human evolution.  You are here because you have the ability  to help us reach critical mass for humanity, but you can only do so if you recode your thoughts, your identity, your mission, and what's possible for you and apply yourself to the greatest global game possible.

Mark Read

"Recode is the cutting edge of technology in the human condition.  This work has played a large role in aligning the focus of my business, my community, and my passion.  I highly suggest finding out for yourself."

Mark Read, Artist, Technologist, Founder of Hypercube

Bryan Franklin

Bryan FranklinBryan Franklin has helped 7 companies grow from under $100 million to over $1 Billion in sales or valuation. As one of the most successful executive coaches in the country, client list includes companies in the fortune 10 like Apple and Phillips, as well as high-tech leaders like Logitech, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, and dozens more. He’s also founded or purchased 22 companies including many spectacular failures as well as successes.

His first business was FranklinMedia SDG, a post-production company in the entertainment industry. There he worked on more than 300 feature films, including Meet Joe Black, Saving Private Ryan, and The Last Samurai and later sold the company when Memento, a feature film edited at FranklinMedia, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Editing.

Bryan then dedicated the next 14 years to studying leadership and personal growth, leading cutting-edge transformational seminars for Lifespring, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Best Year Yet, WholeScale, and several of his own transformational companies including The Coaching Program With Bryan Franklin, and his collaboration with partner in business and life Jennifer Russell, The Level 7 Leadership Group.

Bryan is co-authoring the book that transforms the way you think about your wealth and your future with Michael Ellsberg. You Are The Best Investment published by Penguin Books, due in the Spring of 2015.

Mike Del Ponte

"I've admired Bryan for many years and wanted to work with him. Not only did he help me get the business results I desired, but he has also completely changed my life. Bryan does not simply provide advice or management tips. He develops his clients as transformational leaders. That is why he has coached 7 companies to reach $1 billion in revenue."

Mike Del Ponte, CEO & Founder of Soma

Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell ProfileJennifer Russell Serial Entrepreneur, Scientist, Managing Director of Critical Path Global, Co-Facilitator of RECODE, and the Level 7 Leadership Group.

Jennifer is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, serving as president of half- a-dozen companies and brands in her career. She’s helped bring more than 40 new technologies to market in dozen different industries as a member of executive teams of high impact and socially driven startups.

Her background is in environmental science and personal development—having designed and led transformational development programs that empower conscious leaders in all levels of business and technology, liberating them from self-imposed beliefs that limit what is possible.

She’s dedicated to the intersection between creativity and productivity, and is famous for "getting more done by accident than most people get done on purpose." Whether its guiding a cancer drug through the arduous process of testing and development or guiding an entrepreneur through the process of creating a new global business, Jennifer's inspiration and insight puts the focus on facing reality, getting into action, and achieving extraordinary results.

Through her live and online trainings, she’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs create 6, 7, and 8-figure mission driven businesses with a unique combination of business strategy and deeply transformative identity level work, taking advantage of her mastery of the best of NLP, the human potential movement, family systems, collaborative systems, neuroscience, and sacred theater.

In the spring of 2014, she was named managing director of Critical Path Global; A non- profit think tank dedicated to bringing together the brightest global strategists, futurists, data scientists, systems thinkers, researchers, world leaders and technologists to help create a new roadmap for humanity.

Eben Pagan

"Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell are both very actualized human beings.  They are possibly the best in the world at teaching people how to integrate these skills in their lives."

Eben Pagan, CEO & Founder Hot Topic Media, Industry Leading Internet Marketing Guru

Kane Minkus

Kane Minkus is an International Awarded Winning Entrepreneur, #1 Best Selling Author & Globally Recognized Business Growth Expert.

Before Kane was 30 years old, he had started over 2 dozen different companies from scratch. 5 of these companies reached multimillion dollar, multi international status. Two of which reached global brand recognition, producing over $20M in turnover.

In 2006, Kane founded the global business training company Industry Rockstar®, which has since become recognized as the #1 Global Business Training Company.

The release of his second book “Become A Highly Paid, High Profile Person In Your Industry” in 2010, kicked off a global series of events that have helped Business Owners clarify their talents (and ideas) to bring to the market, relate powerfully to their true value and achieve success they didn’t believe was possible.

Having now offered 1200 training events, in 12 different countries (training over 3 Million professionals online and offline) on how to Brand, Package and Position themselves as Experts in their field, the Industry Rockstar methods and techniques have championed small to large businesses globally.

Kane has been featured in top magazines (BRW, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Time Of India, etc), TV (CBS, Channel News Asia, Channel 7 News, etc) & on stages in 12 different countries sharing the spotlight with thought leaders like Bill Clinton (Former US President), Tony Robbins (#1 Peak Performance Coach), Sir Richard Branson (the Founder of the Virgin Group), Robert Kiyosoki, Donald Trump, Bob Proctor and Dr. Demartini (Stars from the Movie the Secret), Tim Ferris (Best Selling author of the Four Hour Work Week) & Dr. John Grey (Best Selling Author of Women Are From Venus & Men Are From Mars), and many other well known celebrities. Kane has personally coached, consulted and contracted to executives and teams at some of the largest business names and brands active today: Apple, Sony, Warner Bros, SanDisk, Dreamworks, Lucas Arts, and other large corporations. Originally from Chicago, Kane and his family now call Silicon Valley, San Francisco their home. Currently he travels the world close to 200 days a year speaking and teaching Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Experts about how to be seen and rewarded for their gifts, position themselves more powerfully in their marketplace, think like top CEOs and help more people with their knowledge and experience.

Kane, and his portfolio of global companies are known for practicing Social Entrepreneurism - consistently using resources and profits to support charities, organizations in need and community oriented projects globally.

Dr. John Demartini

"Every so often I come across a really exceptional leader in this field of educating and inspiring and transforming lives.  His name is Kane Minkus.  He like myself has been dedicated for many years to studying and researching what makes people magnificent."

Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavior Expert, Star of "The Secret"

Today Bryan, Jennifer and Kane have co-developed RECODE. This new series of programs is designed to create a human being with advanced capabilities, universal values, a community of unprecedented support, and a conviction of purpose more powerful than the aging economic and social systems that are dragging us down and holding us back. These are the new players of the global game and change- makers that will determine the future of human history.

Dallas Cyr

"Great day at Recode.   I am now seeing what it means to play a bigger game.  The world needs us, all of us, to shift.  I'm ready! Are you?"

Dallas Cyr, Founder of The Passion Warrior