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  • Free Recode Short Course

    Get access to our Free Online 90-Minute Short Course with Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, and Kane Minkus.  During the course we go through the 7 illusions that hold you back and expose you to models of development that will inspire you to open your mind to new ways of thinking and reimagining you need to be in order to play a more global game.  You’ll get a taste of some of the key conversations and models we use to catalyze change in our interactions.

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  • Recode Activator Program

    A 28-Week Mentorship Program with Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, and Kane Minkus which includes 2 tickets to our 4-day immersive event, online trainings covering all 7 steps to evolve yourself and create a global game to impacting others, 1-Year of access to the Recode ‘Ask Us Anything’ Mentorship Forum, the Global Impact Assessment, the Multi-Dimensionality Assessment, an interview series with cutting edge cultural ;luminaries, and several relevant bonuses.  Invest in learning how to recode your thoughts, your reality, your identity, your mission, your leadership, and your influence.

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  • Recode Facilitator Program

    The RECODE Facilitator Program is a combination of the most powerful thinking frameworks that global leaders, movers and shakers are using to create a real and measurable impact in their communities, the most up-to-date business strategies you’ll need to create a successful business, and the most impactful teachings on how to learn the art of creating change.  If you know that making a positive impact in other people’s lives is a core component of your life’s mission, then learning the craft of potent one-to-many interactions is essential.

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