STEP 6: Recode Your Influence

You will Recode Your Influence in Modules 11 and 12.  Click the images below to access those trainings.

Mobilizing Coordinated Action.  In this module we will look at how to not just influence within your project or organization but will uncover how to influence one to many on larger scales to mobilize coordinated action.  We will explore the four major steps of influence and the key capabilities for you to build for each of these steps.  In addition we'll discover the 5 emotional powers that govern human decision making.

Mobilizing Global Teams.  In this module looks at the specific strategies and platforms you can use to be effective in engaging and mobilizing an audience around your movement and the mechanics of moving from everyday physical reach toward expansion into a more global reach.  We'll look at the 5 critical communication channels exploring how your audiences uses each of those channels to find you, what  time and money investments you can expect, what metrics to use to know if it's working, what the tricks of the trade are, and preparatory steps you can take to begin.