Recode Multi-Dimensional Assessment

  • BONUS #2 - Recode Multi-Dimensional Assessment

    Recode - Multiple Dimensions Assessment SmallThe Multi-Dimensional Assessment is designed to assess your biggest growth opportunities for more multidimensional thinking and action.  You’ll explore and assess 4 different vectors of multi-dimensionality looking at your predominant strengths, weaknesses, and unintegrated shadow.

    Take this survey to assess which areas will provide you the biggest growth opportunities to becoming more multi-dimensional.

    Approach the survey with appreciation, total honesty, and instinctive response as you take about 15-20 minutes to answer 163 questions.

    Here are the four vectors that will be assessed in this survey:

    VECTOR 1: POLARITY: The balance of masculine and feminine energies you tend to express

    VECTOR 2 – TIME:  The dimensionality of time and whether you are oriented more in your past, present or future and whether that orientation tends to be positive or negative.

    VECTOR 3 – CONSCIOUSNESS: The levels of consciousness, the predominant memes and values driving your behavior, and the unintegrated or shadow aspects of your development.

    VECTOR 4 – INTELLIGENCES:  The 9 domains of intelligence looking at which abilities you’ve developed and are the ones you predominantly use along with which intelligences are your weakest or least often used.

    Listen to WEEK 3 Videos 1-3 first and then sit down, relax, and take this assessment by clicking here.   It should take you about 15-20 minutes as you answer 130 questions which will ask you to pick the statements that best fit you in your current state today.

    You’ll receive a custom Multi-Dimensional Assessment Results page within 24-48hrs of taking the assessment and a companion Assessment Summary Report that will help you to assess your dimensionality.

Recode Multi-Dimensional Assessment & Summary Report is Available Now