Recode Global Impact Assessment

  • BONUS #5 - Recode Global Impact Assessment

    Recode - Global Impact Assessment SmallThe Global Impact Assessment is designed to assess your biggest growth opportunities in the areas of your vision, mission, and plan looking at your level of clarity, your leadership, your sales, your marketing, your assets, your messaging, your outreach, and the personal habits and behaviors that will support your growth.

    It is an extensive and comprehensive assessment looking at the key areas effecting your project’s success.  This assessment looks at the 8 key areas of business and determines the shortest path to the fastest business growth.

    INCLUDED: • Your current growth trajectory, with the mindsets that you’ll need to break out of your phase of business and advance towards a fully scalable business that systematically and automatically pays you for the work you love to do.

    • A detailed analysis of your core strength and core weakness for the building blocks of rapid business growth.

    • Specific Next 6 highest leverage steps that you can take to grow your business and make more profits.

    • A template for creating or improving your personal board of advisors, which has been found to help companies grow 3.5x faster.

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Example: Strengths and Weaknesses Report

Example: Top 6 High Leverage Activities Report

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