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Recode Activator Module 14

"I'm not trying to council any of you to do anything really special except dare to think.  Dare to go with the truth." - Buckminster Fuller

  • Recode The Planet

    Being a Catalyst of Transformation.  In this module we look at how to become agent for change as we begin to teach you the skills of facilitating transformation in your group interactions.  Learn how you can help us create a tipping point in humanity’s evolution through learning these high level skills.

Recode Module 14 Videos

This week's training contains 5 videos about how to become an agent of change.  Click the video thumbnails below to watch each video.

RECODE MODULE 14, Video 1: Becoming An Agent of Transformation (14:14)

Learn the most powerful step for creating massive acceleration of your project, business and life. In this video, we set the context for Module 14, revealing some of the critical steps we took to create the most transformative experience of our global impact projects. Step up for not only yourself, but also for humanity.

Recode Module 14 Video 2 - 3 Elements of World Class Facilitators (18:52)

In this video, we will explore the three elements of becoming a world class facilitator and what it takes to really facilitate transformation through an industry and culture. Learn dozens of secrets of the most successful facilitators and how to use them in your global impact project to really translate your intentions of change into reality. Also, discover the three positions you can occupy to share a message and determine which one is the right next step for you.

Recode Module 14 Video 3 - 3 Paradoxes of Powerful Facilitating (35:51)

Besides getting a private inside seat while we literally transform a participant in a live training from low impact to high impact in 45 minutes, also learn the 3 critical paradoxes that are required to powerfully facilitate any group experience. Most facilitators never know or master these internal states, and the effectiveness of one's impact rests firmly in the ability to understand and embody these three paradoxes. Also get let in on a whole host of important techniques to move a room and have them buy into the experience of you.

Recode Module 14, Video 4 - Recode Facilitation Program Details

Get clear on the next step of the RECODE Global Impact pathway, and how you can step into the identity of a RECODE Facilitator - bringing massive success to your existing passion to impact the planet through your project or business. As we lay out the details in this video, you will get an in depth understanding of the way the program is pieced together, and how it has helped people globally become much more powerful influencers, leaders of transformation and successful titans of a movement. Also, identify the pieces that are critical for support and success in the RECODE Facilitator Program.

Recode Module 14, Video 5 - Facilitator Offer Expanded

To get more details and dive deeper into each part of the RECODE Facilitator Program, this video lays out each part of the RECODE Facilitator Program and how it works in detail. Get clear about which part of the program will be most impactful for you and what you can look forward to as you RECODE your ability to RECODE the planet.


  • Self Reflections

    Reflections exercises are one or more questions that we’d like you to be in deep consideration of for the entire week.  These are meant to be shared with your family, friends, and community so that they can offer you a more complete 360 view of yourself, your identity, and your reality.

    Everyone has blind spots.  These are areas where we are less developed that are outside our view.  Getting reflections will point out things that you might not ever know yourself.

    In addition, the more you consider these reflection questions the more likely you’ll be able to break through your current level of thinking and use the exercises to leap frog into a new level of consciousness.

    These questions will be posted on the Recode Facebook Forum where they are meant to be responded to by you from week to week.  Here are this weeks reflection exercises:

    1. How can becoming a powerful facilitator of transformation can transform your ability to make impact in the world? What is difficult for you now that would become easy if you were a powerful facilitator?
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