STEP 7: Recode The Planet

You'll dive deeply into the ideas which will play a role in Recoding the Planet in Modules 13 and 14.  Click the images below to access those trainings.

Understanding the Evolutionary Direction of Our Culture.  In this module we look at various luminaries who are recoding our planet in 12 key areas: Business & Economics, Science & Technology, Justice & Governance, Art & Culture, Infrastructure & Resources, Spirituality & Religion, Learning & Education,  PeaceBuilding & Relations, Communications & Media, Health & Wellness, Food Water & Environment, and Infrastructure & Resources.

Becoming an Agent of Change.  In this module we look at how you can become an agent for transformation and change.  Every interaction becomes your opportunity to leave people irrevocably changed by the experience.  Here we talk about how you can participate us to learn the art of facilitating this kind of change and join us in helping to Recode the planet.