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Sales Mastery Course

  • BONUS#5: Natural Selling System

    Learn the art of 1 on 1 sales from two of the top trainers in the world Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell.  Master the emotional sales process and become a world class closer while learning to sell from your heart and connect deeply with your clients.  Use these skills to accelerate your facilitation business.

PART 1 - The Emotional Phases of Selling (42:20)

In Part 1: The Sales Process  Sequence of Emotions you'll cover:

  • We’ll explain the key distinctions of commodity and value markets and show you how to fight the trend toward becoming commoditized.
  • We’ll give you more insights and reframes to help dispel the 3 lies of sales once and for all and give you the permanent mindset that successful sales people have.
  • We’ll walk you through the best ways to elicit the 5 key emotions in the Natural Selling System
  • We’ll give you a road map to the emotions so you can track them in your practice sessions
  • We’ll show you something even scarier than selling and how to avoid it

PART 2 - The Sales Process Benchmark Questions (29:46)

In Part 2  Learning the Sales Process Benchmark Questions you'll cover:

  • How to structure the conversation and set it up for success - even before you start
  • How to make sure the customer is experiencing the appropriate emotion for each phase of the process - and what to do if you get off track
  • We’ll show you a fun game you can play to instantly know how curious someone else is while you are talking!
  • You’ll learn word for word benchmark questions that let you know it’s time to move on to the next phase - with confidence!
  • We’ll give you insight into empowerment and decision making, so you know how different people access that experience and how to make sure you don’t lose the deal in the end by forgetting something at the beginning
  • The Natural Selling System - Resource Manual Part 2

  • Worksheet - Sales Process

  • Worksheet - Curiosity Meter

  • Worksheet - Value Calibration

  • Worksheet - Sales Funnel Scorecard

PART 3 - Black Belt Techniques (30:28)

In Part  3 Black Belt Techniques & Handling Objections you'll cover:

  • You’ll learn the importance of effectively dominating in a sales conversation and how to lead someone in the direction you want it to go
  • You’ll learn how to use Non Sequiturs, the art of smoothly not answering questions,  to keep your conversations on track
  • You’ll learn what the most common objections that people might have and how to expertly handle them, so they just disappear and people feel ready and excited to say “YES” to you!
  • You’ll also learn how to nail what’s often the most difficult part of the sales process, the Value Phase - where you are eliciting possibility and trust.
  • And we’ll teach you the 6 ways to establish an unbeatable sense of value.
  • The Natural Selling System - Resource Manual Part 3

  • Worksheet - What Customers Want To Know

  • Worksheet - 4 Types of Non-Sequiturs

  • Worksheet - 6 Ways To Create Possibility & Trust

  • Worksheet - Getting Clear About What They Want

  • Worksheet - Did You Get Into Their World

PART 4  - Question & Answer Sessions

We’ll go over dozens of examples of real-life challenges, blocks, questions, and concerns that other coaches and entrepreneurs have had when using the natural selling system, including:

  • How do you sell to companies instead of individuals
  • What do you do when someone says “I have to think about it”?
  • What do you do when someone says “I have to ask my boss/wife/husband”?
  • What do you do when there’s more than one decision maker?
  • What do you do when you wake up and you just aren’t feeling confident, but you know you need to be out there selling-

10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Conversations (15:40)

Focusing On Your Prospects Pain & Desires (7:38)

Making Sales Fun Through Contribution (8:52)

Systematizing Your Sales (12:20)

Identifying New Sales Channels (12:56)

Filling Missing Incompetencies (16:49)

How to Rapidly Grow Your Business Through Sales (1:09:22)

  • The Natural Selling System - Resource Manual Part 4

  • Worksheet - Selling from the Stage Sequence

  • Worksheet - Creating Curiosity With Your Sales Emails

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