Just Added:  Recode Global Impact Assessment

Recode Activator Bonuses

  • BONUS #1 - Revenue Accelerator

    12 x 60min Teleconferences.  The Revenue Accelerator has only been available to Kane’s private clients.  Through twelve 60 minute teleconferences he reveals his most advanced techniques to generate more revenue for any business.  This includes how to source more leads for no cost, locate juicy deals and partners, close faster (and for more money), shift your money psychology for more success and powerful language patterns for influence.

    Click here to access this Bonus.

  • BONUS #2 - Recode Multi-Dimensional Assessment

    Recode - Multiple Dimensions Assessment SmallThe Multi-Dimensional Assessment is designed to assess your biggest growth opportunities for more multidimensional thinking and action.  You’ll explore and assess 4 different vectors of multi-dimensionality looking at your predominant strengths, weaknesses, and unintegrated shadow.

    Take this survey to assess which areas will provide you the biggest growth opportunities to becoming more multi-dimensional.

    Approach the survey with appreciation, total honesty, and instinctive response as you take about 15-20 minutes to answer 163 questions.

    Here are the four vectors that will be assessed in this survey:

    VECTOR 1: POLARITY: The balance of masculine and feminine energies you tend to express

    VECTOR 2 – TIME:  The dimensionality of time and whether you are oriented more in your past, present or future and whether that orientation tends to be positive or negative.

    VECTOR 3 – CONSCIOUSNESS: The levels of consciousness, the predominant memes and values driving your behavior, and the unintegrated or shadow aspects of your development.

    VECTOR 4 – INTELLIGENCES:  The 9 domains of intelligence looking at which abilities you’ve developed and are the ones you predominantly use along with which intelligences are your weakest or least often used.

    Listen to WEEK 3 Videos 1-3 first and then sit down, relax, and take this assessment by clicking here.   It should take you about 15-20 minutes as you answer 130 questions which will ask you to pick the statements that best fit you in your current state today.

    You’ll receive a custom Multi-Dimensional Assessment Results page within 24-48hrs of taking the assessment and a companion Assessment Summary Report that will help you to assess your dimensionality.

  • BONUS #3 - NLP Practioner Course

    24 Videos that step the student through the basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming including advanced dimensions of rapport. NLP is the study of the relationship between how we think, communicate and behave. By studying these relationships we can transform current behaviors and help bring about lasting change.   Even better – by modeling the thinking strategies and emotional states of high performers, we can learn how to adopt far more successful models of behavior – effectively ‘modeling excellence’. NLP can help you to:

    1)  Increase your effectiveness in all areas of your work and personal life including motivation, time   management, decision-making and creative thinking.

    2)  Create immediate rapport, becoming a leader and influencer in your work.

    3)  Negotiate like a master creating win-win solutions.

    4)  Communicate in a compelling and accessible way so that marketing and sales messages are effective and profitable.

    5)  Enhance the performance of others, improving the results of teamwork and the work environment.

    Now you can discover the most advanced science on the planet for motivation, success and influence. Set goals, reach them faster and with greater ease than you ever thought possible and improve your performance in all aspects of your life.  Click here to access the NLP Practioner Course.

  • Bonus #4 - Global Impact Assessment

    Recode - Global Impact Assessment SmallThe Global Impact Assessment is designed to assess your biggest growth opportunities in the areas of your vision, mission, and plan looking at your level of clarity, your leadership, your sales, your marketing, your assets, your messaging, your outreach, and the personal habits and behaviors that will support your growth. It is an extensive and comprehensive assessment over the 8 key areas effecting your project’s success and impact which will yield a summary report evaluating which phase your project is in and the next 6 highest leverage steps we believe you should be taking next to further your mission.

  • BONUS 5: Book Publishing To Raise Your Profile

    Recode - Bonus 5 Publishing Course ImageIn this bonus course you will be stepped through the exact steps a professional publisher uses to help new book writers understand the process from idea to publishing. 14 steps detailed out will give you a system for how to take your knowledge and wisdom and publish it to get your message out there. Also included in this video is a look at publishing things like ebooks and press releases which will be very important aspects of delivering your message through the written form.

    Click here to access Bonus 5.