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Recode Activator Module 2

  • Recode Your Thoughts, Part 2

    Installing New Beliefs.  Learning to elicit, identify and install the beliefs you want. In this module we’ll be helping you to understand the relationship between beliefs and thoughts and how they get created and why most people fail at installing  the ones they want.

    We’ll teach you 3 effective methods to install new beliefs using your internal systems and 2 techniques using more external perceptions allow with a process for how to elicit beliefs from others who have the lives, fulfillment, and success that you want to experience.

    We discuss the mechanics of change as we present the model of Ecology which shows us why we often find it elusive to have what we want and how we can develop more ‘ecological support’ for the things we do want.

    In a very special interview with Michael Ellsberg we dive deeply into how to love the unlovable within and the propensity of us to avoid shadow aspect of ourselves and why our desire to get rid of those parts tends to backfire.  He takes us through some profound practices which teach us to transcend these negative thoughts.

Recode Module 2 Videos

This week's training contains 8 videos on Recoding Your Thoughts - Installing Positive Beliefs.  Start each module by watching the videos below and following along with our downloadable Recode Manual.

Each module contains exercises and reflection questions to help you integrate this material.  These exercises will be explained in the videos and will appear in an editable Recode Workbook which you can use to fill in your responses.

Click the video thumbnails below to watch each video or download the audio versions below to listen on the go.  You'll find the Recode Manual and Workbook for Module 2 down below to gain access to the summaries, diagrams, integration exercises, and reflection journal discussed in this video.

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 1: Installing Positive Beliefs (22:29)

In this video we talk about the nature of beliefs, thoughts, and experience - how they relate and how they create and reinforce each other.  Watch the video or listen to the audio below.

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 2: Why We Fail To Change Our Beliefs (13:21)

In this video we cover the major reasons why it's often difficult to change beliefs looking at the systemic vs singular nature of beliefs, the interior and exterior experience of them, their existence in our present and our future, and the need for new beliefs to have ecological support in the system.

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 3: Internal Belief Installations (17:43)

In this video we show you three different exercises to install positive beliefs dealing with your interior experience: Installation #1 - Future to Present, Installation #2 - Absolute to Choice, and Installation #3 - Multiple Selves in Your Timeline

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 4: External Belief Installations (29:47)

In this video we walk you through another two exercises to install positive beliefs that look at your exterior experience:  Installation #1 - Spatial Integration and Installation #2 - The Belief Chain.

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 5: Believe Elicitation Process (13:15)

In this video we talk about the importance of surrounding yourself by people who already have the beliefs you most want and give you a process where you can interview anyone and elicit what some of their most powerful beliefs are.

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 6: The 7 Illusions (21:59)

In this video we will look at the 7 Illusions that tend to hold people back and their powerful counterparts as we walk you through how to install these very powerful beliefs.

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 7: Loving the Unlovable w/Michael Ellsberg (14:46)

In this interview we talk to Michael about the other side of transformation – the unconditional side where we are not seeking to change or subvert our shadow sides but are in full acceptance learning to add the only ingredient that can truly pull us out of our negative thought patterns…which is love.  We dive deeply into our propensity to avoid the shadow and he walks us through some powerful guided visualizations and meditations.

Ellsberg, Loving the Unlovable Within - Part 1 Introduction (20:42)

Ellsberg, Loving the Unlovable Within - Part 2 Meditation#(14:07)

Ellsberg, Loving the Unlovable Within - Part 3 Discussion (25:04)

Ellsberg, Loving the Unlovable Within - Part 4 Meditation#2 (27:45)

Ellsberg, Loving the Unlovable Within - Part 5 Integration (15:38)

RECODE MODULE 2, Video 8: Summary & Integration (22:46)

In this video we review the topics and exercises presented in Week 2 focusing on how to integrate what was learned through apply the installations daily.

RECODE BONUS:  Mechanics of Change - Ecology Video (1:26:32)

In this BONUS Video we give you access to an advanced talk on the Mechanics of Change - Building Ecological Support for your Beliefs.  This is a video given at our Level 7 Leadership Mastermind in 2012.

  • Integration Exercises

    In Module  2 – Installing Positive Beliefs we show you how to work with new beliefs that you want to install to make sure they are compatible with your existing belief system and therefore become a part of your new reality instead of being rejected and left behind.

    We’ve designed this week’s exercises to help you identify and install the beliefs that will be most helpful to your evolution and success.  The first time you perform any of these exercises you will likely still feel some of the old habit patterns and negative thoughts come up but as you continue to perform these exercises daily you’ll find that slowly the new belief will become the more predominant energy, co-existing with the old belief, and eventually surrounding it as it becomes the more powerful belief.

    Our recommendation is that you run all the exercises below around 1 belief at a time rather than picking a different belief for each exercise.  This will aid you in more fully anchoring in the new belief.

    According to behavioral scientists, it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. Consider repeating these exercises on a regular basis for that time interval to fully activate your new thinking frameworks.

    These integration exercises have been summarized below. Complete instructions and worksheets are explained in the video and can be found in the downloadable Recode Manual – Module 2 pdf below.

    1. Internal Belief Installation #1 – Future Self To Present:  This exercise has you taking a positive belief you’d like to install and moves it from your future (where most of us store the beliefs we want but don’t quite have) and brings that belief into your present.
    2. Internal Belief Installation #2 – Absolute to Choice:  In this exercise you will take the same belief and shift it from an absolute thought (“I am…”, “I am not…”, “It’s always…, “I never…”) into a free choice (“I can choose to be….”)
    3. Internal Belief Installation #3 – Multiple Selves In Your Timeline:  In this exercise you will do a visualization which takes the part of ourselves that has the belief we want and scatters that part throughout our past, present, and future timeline.
    4. External Belief Installation #1 – Spatial Integration: In this exercise you will need 2 pieces of paper –  one with your positive belief written on it, the other with your negative belief on it.  You’ll use them in your visual field to merge them in your mind.
    5. External Belief Installation #2 – Belief Chain:  In this exercise you’ll need a piece of paper with your positive and negative belief written on it.   You’ll be looking and saying beliefs in rapid succession until they become linked together in your mind.
    6. Belief Elicitation Process: In this exercise we have you finding people you know that have the experience of the world that you’d like to have and we teach you how to elicit some of their most powerful beliefs.
    7. Loving the UnLovable Meditations:  In this video we interview Michael about loving the lovable within and several practices to integrate the lovable parts so that they are not taking the driver’s seat in your finances, career, and relationships.  There are two meditations to practice daily.
    8. Reassertion of Organismic Rights Exercise:  In this exercise you’ll find out which organismic rights are strong and weak and do a process of reassert those rights.
  • Self Reflections

    Reflections exercises are one or more questions that we’d like you to be in deep consideration of for the entire week.  These are meant to be shared with your family, friends, and community so that they can offer you a more complete 360 view of yourself, your identity, and your reality.

    Everyone has blind spots.  These are areas where we are less developed that are outside our view.  Getting reflections will point out things that you might not ever know yourself.

    In addition, the more you consider these reflection questions the more likely you’ll be able to break through your current level of thinking and use the exercises to leap frog into a new level of consciousness.

    These questions will be posted on the Recode Facebook Forum where they are meant to be responded to by you from week to week.  Here are this weeks questions:

    1. Which positive beliefs are you working on installing this week?
    2. Which of the organismic rights were strong?
    3. Which of the organismic rights were weak?
    4. What if anything are you experiencing differently now after doing some of the new belief installations from Week 2?

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