Recode Your Thoughts

You will Recode Your Thoughts in Modules 1 and 2.  Click the images below to access those trainings.

Free Your Attention. Permanently liberate yourself from stuck habits and rutted thinking. In this module we’ll be helping you to identity the key thought patterns that are holding you back as you keep a mental inventory during the course of the week.

We’ll teach you 3 effective methods to recode your most persistent negative thought patterns to form new and improved thinking frameworks.

We’ll discuss how to reach ‘sufficiency’ so that these negative thought patterns aren’t triggered in the first place plus a special interview with Nathan Otto, CEO of Holometrics and author of a book coming out in 2015 called Evolutionary Leadership.

Installing New Beliefs. Learning to elicit, identify and install the beliefs you want. In this module we’ll be helping you to understand the relationship between beliefs and thoughts and how they get created and why most people fail at installing the ones they want.

We’ll teach you 3 effective methods to install new beliefs using your internal systems and 2 techniques using more external perceptions allow with a process for how to elicit beliefs from others who have the lives, fulfillment, and success that you want to experience.

We discuss the mechanics of change as we present the model of Ecology which shows us why we often find it elusive to have what we want and how we can develop more ‘ecological support’ for the things we do want.

In a very special interview with Michael Ellsberg we dive deeply into how to love the unlovable within and the propensity of us to avoid shadow aspect of ourselves and why our desire to get rid of those parts tends to backfire. He takes us through some profound practices which teach us to transcend these negative thoughts.