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Recode Activator Module 1

"You can't solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it" - Albert Einstein

  • Recode Your Thoughts, Part 1

    Free Your Attention.  Permanently liberate yourself from stuck habits and rutted thinking. In this module we’ll be helping you to identity the key thought patterns that are holding you back as you keep a mental inventory during the course of the week.

    We’ll teach you 3 effective methods to recode your most persistent negative thought patterns to form new and improved thinking frameworks.

    We’ll discuss how to reach ‘sufficiency’ so that these negative thought patterns aren’t triggered in the first place plus a special interview with Nathan Otto, CEO of Holometrics and author of a book coming out in 2015 called Evolutionary Leadership.

Recode Module 1 Videos

This week's training contains 9 videos on Recoding Your Thoughts - Unwinding Your Negative Thought Patterns.  Start each module by watching the videos below and following along with our downloadable Recode Manual.

Each module contains exercises and reflection questions to help you integrate this material.  These exercises will be explained in the videos and will appear in an editable Recode Workbook which you can use to fill in your responses.

Click the video thumbnails below to watch each video or download the audio versions below to listen on the go.  You'll find the Recode Manual and Workbook for Module 1 down below to gain access to the summaries, diagrams, integration exercises, and reflection journal discussed in this video.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 1: 7 Steps to Creating A Global Game (22:29)

In this video we cover the overall mission of RECODE and ask ourselves what skills, tools, and abilities will we need to succeed in the new story? We go over the 7 key capabilities you’ll lee to activate your global game which we’ll cover in the 14 weeks of the ACTIVATOR program.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 2: Benefits of Recoding Your Thoughts (13:21)

In this video we talk about the reasons it’s important to recode your negative thought patterns and some of what neuroscience and behavioral science says about how often we are engaged in these patterns.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 3: Freeing Your Attention (17:43)

In this video we show you what free attention is, and why it’s central to the experience we most want.  We’ll also begin to outline how you can create more of it.  We’ll contrast that experience with the bound attention most of us are having between 50-95% of the time.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 4: Identifying Your Thought Patterns (29:47)

In this video we start to identify the thoughts that are specifically stopping you.  Why focus on repetitive thoughts? We can’t create the new most fertile ideas and aspirations with all this noise in the system.  You’ll begin to keep a repetitive thought journal building first on the ideal week you want to be having, then looking at what thoughts are stopping you.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 5: Recoding 'I suck!' Thought Patterns (13:56)

Your negative thoughts are generally in one of these 3 categories: SELF – ‘I suck!’, OTHERS – ‘You suck!’, or OUTCOME – ‘Life sucks!’.  In this video we will be doing some major (though painless) surgery on those stubborn ‘I suck!’ thought patterns.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 6: Recoding 'You suck!' Thought Patterns (21:59)

Your negative thoughts are generally in one of these 3 categories: SELF – ‘I suck!’, OTHERS – ‘You suck!’, or OUTCOME – ‘Life sucks!’.  In this video we turn our attention to the ‘You suck!’ thought patterns and we’ll look at why they are so persistent.  We’ll also give you a powerful destabilizing tool that starves these thoughts of the oxygen they need to continue to be a problem for you.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 7: Recoding 'Life sucks!' Thought Patterns (14:46)

Your negative thoughts are generally in one of these 3 categories: SELF – ‘I suck!’, OTHERS – ‘You suck!’, or OUTCOME – ‘Life sucks!’.  In this video we will looking at the ‘Life Sucks!’ thought patterns as we explore how to move from our growing circles of concern toward our more empowering circles of influence.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 8: Healing Your Addiction To More (22:46)

In this video we’ll hear form evolutionary leader and CEO Nathan Otto, who will talk about this simple yet powerful model of sufficiency where you can begin to heal your addition to More!.   Understanding this model will allow you to create a life where negative thought patterns aren’t coming up to begin with.

RECODE MODULE 1, Video 9: Summary & Integration (4:42)

In this video we talk about integrating the concepts presented in each of the Recode Activator Week 1 videos and we walk you through  the key ideas to focus on during your integration.

  • How to Free Your Attention

    Everything you have in your life is because of where you put your attention.

    Definition of ‘Bound’ Attention: Attention that is involuntarily captured, where yo don’t have an active choice in how you use it.

    Definition of ‘Free’ Attention: Surplus attention that you are free to use in any way you wish.  Any significant personal change requires free attention.

    How To Free Your Attention:

    > First become more aware of your negative habit patterns switching them from automatic to conscious.   Our Repetitive Thought Patterns Journal exercise will walk you through this process.

    > Next, get into an authentic relationship with the people (including yourself), objects, and situations that have captured it.  We’ll walk you through 3 processes that will help you to unwind different types of negative thought patterns when they come up.

    >  Lastly, take a more wholistic approach and address the negative thought patterns at their root cause as you look for where in your life  you are coming from insufficiency and begin having a more sacred relationship to those needs.

  • Integration Exercises

    The key to freeing your attention and activating new thinking frameworks in place of the negative thought patterns which we spent repeating 80-95% of the time lies in integrating the ideas and concepts discussed in this week’s training followed by engaging in the exercises.  They are designed to take the ideas presented from concept to reality.

    According to behavioral scientists, it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit.   Consider repeating these exercises on a regular basis for that time interval to fully activate your new thinking frameworks.

    These integration exercises have been  summarized below. Complete instructions and worksheets are explained in the video and can be found in the downloadable Recode Manual – Module 1 pdf below.

    1. Integration Exercise #1 – Repetitive Thought Journal:  Make an inventory of your most persistent and repetitive thoughts (see Recode Manual – Week 1.pdf below).   Start by describing a week in your ideal life in 6 key areas of your life and ask yourself ‘What stops you?’ in each of these areas to elicit some of the negative thoughts you have.  Complete instructions and worksheets are in the videos and manual.
    2. Integration Exercise #2 – Recode “I Suck” Thought Patterns:  If you have persistent I suck thought patterns do the Movie Theater exercise.  You’ll be imagining you are in a movie theater playing the movie of the situation seeing yourself as the main character and the director. Complete instructions and worksheets are in the videos and manual.
    3. Integration Exercise #3 – Recode ‘Other’s Suck’ Thought Patterns: The Hero, Victim, Perpetrator change pattern.  Everyone knows the story where there’s a perpetrator (the bad guy) who attacks the victim while the victim calls out for the hero who then vanquishes the perpetrator.  These are roles we often play in the situations we are in, casting ourselves most often as the victim.  Notice how these roles are stabilized by the story.  In this exercise we are unwinding “Other’s suck” thought patterns by reversing that energy.   Complete instructions and worksheets are in the videos and manual.
    4. Integration Exercise #4 – Recoding “Life sucks” Thought Patterns: The Circle of Concern / Circle of Influence Exercise.  Realize that everything you care about fits inside your Circle of Concern.  There is a subset of those concerns that you know you have influence over called your Circle of Influence.  The idea here is to take things from your Circle of Concern and place them inside your Circle of Influence.  You’ll do this by answering these 6 questions.   Complete instructions and worksheets are in the videos and manual.
  • Self Reflections

    Reflections exercises are one or more questions that we’d like you to be in deep consideration of for the entire week.  These are meant to be shared with your family, friends, and community so that they can offer you a more complete 360 view of yourself, your identity, and your reality.

    Everyone has blind spots.  These are areas where we are less developed that are outside our view.  Getting reflections will point out things that you might not ever know yourself.

    In addition, the more you consider these reflection questions the more likely you’ll be able to break through your current level of thinking and use the exercises to leap frog into a new level of consciousness.

    These questions will be posted on the Recode Facebook Forum where they are meant to be responded to by you from week to week.  Here are this weeks questions:

    1. Which negative thought pattern is the most common for you? I suck (Self), You suck (Others), or Life sucks (Outcome)?
    2. If it’s SELF – What practices or relationships remind you that you are lovable, whole, capable, and creative?
    3. If it’s OTHER – Where have you ‘bought in’ to the roles of victim, perpetrator, and hero?  What is possible if you disbelieve those roles in favor of regarding yourself and others as fully capable?
    4. If it’s OUTCOME – What values does this experience point out are important to you and what practices or relationships help you express those values fully?

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