Recode Initiator Course

Online Training to permanently liberate yourself from stuck habits and rutted thinking.  Learn to install new thinking frameworks and unlock hidden abilities.


12-Week Recode Initiator Course

In this 12 week course we'll take you through the process of reclaiming your most valuable resource which is your 'free attention'.  Permanently liberate yourself from stuck habits and rutted thinking.  Identify the key thought patterns that are holding you back and learn the methods that will recode your persistent negative thought patterns.

Then learn how to elicit, identify and install the new beliefs you want. You'll get an advanced understanding of how beliefs and thoughts get created and why most people fail at installing  the ones they want.

We want to teach you how to bring all of you to bare to the challenges and experiences at hand, and having an experience of utterly free attention where you are able to place your attention exactly where you want, when you want it is one of THE most important steps towards recoding and thus evolving your self and ultimately those around you.

The Most Critical Step In Your Evolution

On your journey toward evolving your self and others you must begin at the foundation. You must begin with recoding your thoughts. Many spiritual teachers define enlightenment as utterly free attention allowing you to be in complete relationship to what is. For most of us our attention is arrested, captured and bound to the negative thought patterns that are taking up 80-95% of our thoughts each day. This bound attention causes us to be out of relationship with reality and therefore unable to create traction in our life towards what we all most want.

Install New Thinking Frameworks and Unlocking Hidden Abilities

Throughout RECODE, the very fabric of who you believe you are is re- woven using new thinking frameworks that interrupt your old, automatic way of interpreting yourself and the world around you. First with new awareness, then new relationships and habits, you begin to form a new game that nurtures your greatest gifts and gives your life’s purpose a sense of possibility, clarity, and urgency.

Steve Napolitan

"This is one of the most important conversations we can be in as a civilization right now”

Steve Napolitan, CEO Nappic Communications

What You'll Get...

  • Weekly Online Trainings ($1200 Value)

    Every week over the course a new training module with videos, audios, companion manual, and exercises will be released for you to follow at your own pace.   Each module will be interactive and will walk you through the process of recoding your thoughts and permanently liberating your self from stuck habits, and negative patterns.

  • Recode Initiator Manual ($997)

    You’ll get access to a comprehensive manual with each module that contains integration exercises designed to help you implement and put into practice what you are recoding, psychoactive self reflection questions that will deepen your experience and a summary report of all the major highlights and content covered in each module.

  • Integration Exercises ($497)

    Each week you’ll receive our Recode Integration Exercises.  These exercises are designed to help you put into practice what you are learning at recode.  We’ll reach out to see how you’re doing.  Remember, the best way to get what you want is to make sure you are integrating what you are learning.  These exercises are a key part of helping you do that.

  • Self Reflection Questions ($397)

    Throughout the course we’ll be sending you self reflection questions designed to be psychoactive, unlocking your conscious and unconscious ability to deeply integrate the thinking frameworks presented that week.   These are designed to be asked and answered by you and also shared with those that you spend the most time with as their reflections are critical in your being able to become aware of and then recode your experience.

Mark Read

"Recode is the cutting edge of technology in the human condition.  This work has played a large role in aligning the focus of my business, my community, and my passion.  I highly suggest finding out for yourself."

Mark Read, Artist, Technologist, Founder of Hypercube

Over $2500 In Value at A Special Online Discounted Price

Evolve Into A New Kind of Player

This new series of programs is designed to create a human being with advanced capabilities, universal values, a community of unprecedented support, and a conviction of purpose more powerful than the aging economic and social systems that are  holding us back. These are the new players of the global game and change- makers that will determine the future of human history.

Dallas Cyr

"I am now seeing what it means to play a bigger game.  The world needs us, all of us, to shift.  I’m ready! Are you?"

Dallas Cyr, Founder, Passion Warrior

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