Recode Facilitator Program Level I

6-Month Mentorship and Training with 3 Internationally Recognized Thought Leaders and Facilitators Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, and Kane Minkus


Recode Facilitator Level 1 Mentorship  Program

Kane Audience ShotYou're learn how to become an agent for transformation making massive impact in all your interactions from three internationally recognized thought leaders, entrepreneurs and facilitators.

The RECODE Facilitator Program is a combination of the most powerful thinking frameworks that global leaders, movers and shakers, and change agents are using to create a real and measurable impact in their communities, industries, and countries, the most up-to-date and relevant business strategies you'll need to  make this into a successful business, and the most impactful teachings on how to learn the art of creating change.

You are standing at the front door to this new way of living, this new way of being.  You are standing at the front door of your place in history as a leader in the next stage of human evolution.  You are here because you have the ability to help us reach critical mass for humanity, but you can only do so if you upgrade your thinking frameworks and apply yourself to the greatest global game possible.

Whether you wish to be the inspirational speaker that changes people’s hearts and minds with your own personal message or to use the RECODE Facilitation “business in a box” to create your own group coaching business based on the consciousness-expanding RECODE Activator material, this facilitator training gives you all the elements you need to market, sell, and deliver powerful group transformational programs.

If you know that making a positive impact in other people’s lives is a core component of your life’s mission, then learning the craft of potent one-to-many interpersonal interaction is essential. This is the art and craft of transformational facilitation, the promise of this extraordinary program.

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What you'll get...

  • Bimonthly Masterclass Coaching Calls (Valued at $6000)

    Over the 6 months of the course you’l have bimonthly facilitation master class calls with Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell and Kane Minkus.  You’ll have access to this comprehensive ‘Business in a Box’ facilitator training including all the thinking frameworks and Conscious Dimension Discussions® in a group setting.  12 (60 minute) training calls (2 per month) – one part content one part 1:1 coaching.

  • Recode Facilitator's Resource Manual (Valued $2500)

    You’ll receive a detailed resource guide which contains a break down of how to facilitate the Impact Models®, thinking frameworks, integration exercises, self reflections & templates for delivering a transformational experience in a group setting.  This manual is a blue-print for how to get paid to deliver transformative conversations to others.

  • 1-Year Mentorship Forum Access (Valued at $6000)

    Get access to our private client Recode Mentorship Forum where you can ask Bryan, Jennifer & Kane ANY question you have about your Business, Project or Career for 12 full months and receive mentorship and guidance. Bryan, Jennifer, and Kane will be available for office hours on this Recode Forum.

  • Live 3-Day Facilitator Training Event (Valued at $8000)

    A powerful, 3-Day Live Training in the San Francisco, CA area that pushes your ability to facilitate transformation to the limit.  Get live feedback and engage in a closed door intensive to launch and strengthen your facilitation practice.  Be engaged in one of the most cutting edge training forums for personal development experts and global messengers.

  • NLP Practioner's Course (Valued at $2000)

    24Videos to step you through the basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming including advanced dimensions of rapport.  NLP is the study of the relationship between how we think, communicate and behave. By modeling the thinking strategies and emotional states of high performers, we can learn how to adopt far more successful models of behavior – effectively ‘modeling excellence’.

  • One:on:One Sales Mastery Course (Valued at $1000)

    Learn the art of 1 on 1 sales from two of the top trainers in the world.  Master the emotional sales process and become a world class closer while learning to sell from your heart and connect deeply with your clients.  Use these skills to accelerate your facilitation business (or any business.

  • 7 x RECODE INITIATOR Licenses (Valued at $2000)

    You’ll receive 7 license codes for the Recode Initiator program which you can resell or give away at your discretion.  Use these licenses to start your first Recode transformational discussion group.  We’ll send you a special link to your inbox where you can fill in the contact information for your participants.

Over $25,000 in Value at a Special Discounted Price

Here's SOME of What You'll Learn:

Learn the business of facilitation...

  • How to package your services with an ascension model of offerings for multiple levels of participation
  • How to market your message and invite people to webinars, telseminars, small groups, and larger live events
  • How to effectively use social media and email broadcasting to position yourself as a thought leader in your area
  • How to setup the logistics for your events
  • How to create JV partnerships
  • How to effectively network and powerfully followup with participants
  • How to nail 1:on:1 sales interactions
  • How to use viral loop strategies to create a steady stream of new participants and clients

Learn the art of facilitation...

  • How to create transformational content using a simple learnable format
  • How to be a dynamic storyteller to emotionally move your audience
  • How to structure your presentations for 1hr, 4hr, 1 day, and multi-day events
  • How to facilitate transformational exercises
  • How to create 'staging' questions to guide high impact dialogue and debriefs
  • How to deliver your message with your body and your voice
  • How to be an expert teacher and trainer of the cutting edge Recode thinking frameworks
  • How to prepare your mind before, during, and after your talk so that your presence is calm, deliberate, and confident

Join the Recode Facilitation Program Today to Become an Agent of Transformation