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Learn the art and business of facilitation.  Access your 12 masterclass trainings here.

Just Added: Facilitator Masterclass Training #4

Facilitator Masterclass Trainings

Over the course of the next 6 months we will be taking you through how to learn both the art and the business of transformation.  On this page you will be able to access the 12x60min trainings we will be teaching throughout the course which we will be releasing every two weeks.  Click on the image below to be taken to each training where you'll access the recording, a transcript, the exercises, and the facilitator training manual for that week.

Recode Facilitator - Training 1

How to Package Your Group Coaching

Description:  In this masterclass, you will learn how to create the most powerful way to package your group facilitation and group coaching business. We will go through how to package up, design and price out your group coaching. As one of the best ways to deliver transformational events, Group Coaching is both powerful and lucrative.  Learn how to present your work in such a way that inspires people to be loyal customers for life and spend more money with you to help them achieve their long term goals.  You'll learn  how to develop an ascension model which will give your participants multiple ways of interacting with you.

Recode Facilitator - Training 2How To Develop Transformational Content

Description:  In this masterclass, you will learn the DNA of transformational storytelling. Demystify what makes some material profound and some (otherwise similar) material fall flat. You will practice and master the art of the “clear story”, a wireframe for teaching any topic and transforming your listeners.

Recode Facilitator - Training 3How to Market Your Message

Description:  In this masterclass, kickstart your group program by learning how to use your existing network to find the people who already want to work with you - without being pushy or annoying. You’ll get word-for-word templates for how to invite powerful community leaders to your group and how to use social media and email broadcasting to effectively position yourself as a thought-leader.

Recode Facilitator - Training 4How To Be A Dynamic Storyteller

Description:  When you facilitate, nearly everything you say will be communicated in the form of a story.  In this masterclass, you will learn the art of delivering dynamic, inspiring, and captivating stories. Learn the performance techniques of top entertainers and facilitators to ensure you always attract and hold the attention of the room.

Recode Facilitator - Training 5How to Master 1:on:1 Sales Conversations

Description:  In this masterclass, you will learn the basic structure of a successful 1:1 sales conversation. You’ll get a paint-by-numbers approach to selling that lets your customers do most of the talking, basically “selling themselves” on the benefits of work with you.

Recode Facilitator - Training 6How to Structure Your Presentation

Description:  In this masterclass, you will learn  how to structure a 1hr, 4hr, full day, and multi-day event combining the key elements of what creates a compelling transformative experience.  We'll walk through various outlines you can use regardless of the length of your talk so that you can be prepared to deliver for any situation.

Recode Facilitator - Training 7Setting Up The Logistics Of Your Event

Description:  When done flawlessly, no one notices logistics, but if you don’t know what to expect or how to anticipate the common needs of facilitated groups, it can be nearly impossible to have a flawless event the first time. In this masterclass you’ll get the punch-list of everything that you need to do before, during, and after the event to make sure it goes smoothly and stress-free.

Recode Facilitator - Training 8How To Create JV Partnerships

Description:  Since JVs and Partnerships will greatly accelerate your ability to impact, reach and grow your faciltiation practice (or current project), we will look at the ins and outs of creating partnerships to fill your room. We will also explore different types of partnerships and how to use the leverage of these relationsips to continue to futher your mission.

Recode Facilitator - Training 9Staging Questions & Running an Exercise

Description:  Did you know that master facilitators determine the quality of questions and interactions they get from an audience? In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to formulate the “staging questions” that generate positive, transformative comments and interactions from your audience.

Recode Facilitator - Training 10How To Run A Debrief

Description:  The most often overlooked part of facilitating a transformational process is also one of the most important: The Debrief. This is when your audience decides what they feel and think about your facilitation and the topic. In this masterclass, use the proven formulas we’ve refined over the years for creating the most impactful, profound, and valuable Debriefs.

Recode Facilitator - Training 11Using Viral Loops To Attract Clients & Fill Your Rooms

Description:  Learn how to inspire your customers to use their networks to enhance the value that they get from their work with you, meanwhile creating an automatic marketing engine for you. “Viral Loops” are the automated referral engines that Silicon Valley uses to reach 100s of millions of customers with virtually zero time and effort. We’ll apply them to your group coaching business.

Recode Facilitator - Training 12How to Deliver Your Message with Your Body & Voice

Description:  One of the factors that lets people know whether or not they can trust you as a facilitator is the extent to which you embody the teaching that you are facilitating. Body and vocal presence is key for any speaker, but it is absolutely essential for any transformational facilitator. In this masterclass learn the insider practices and performance techniques to command the room and create a more rich experience.  These professional performance chops will help you feel grounded and confident in yourself as you guide your groups on a journey through evolutionary conversations.