3-Day Evolving Love Retreat May 5th - 8th 2016

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Rewrite Your Relationship DNA & Embody Your Ideal Love Story


Welcome! Join us for a romantic getaway in a 12,000 sq ft. mansion in South Lake Tahoe, tucked away on 7 acres of private land, with relationship and consciousness experts Bryan and Jennifer.

Together, as couples and singles, we’ll embark on a journey as exciting and fulfilling as it is deep and transformative. We want to include you in the private processes and conversations that we’ve used to transform ourselves into the epic lovers we are today. Let us love you in all the places you’ve been hiding or lashing out - and find new patterns together that support who you most want to be.

One of the reasons we’ve been able to create such an epic love story is that we don’t hold relationships as work. Transcending your patterns and becoming the fulfilled lover you most want to be should be and can be fun.

Come join us and between 20-30 other evolutionary lovers in a deep dive into evolving love. In devotion and service to your evolving love,

Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell


It's an experiential joy-ride through the most bound and liberated parts of yourself, practicing entirely new dimensions of communicating and relating that allow you to rise above your patterns.  Come practice the key conversations and embodied practices that we've found most effective and powerful.

-  Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell, Evolutionary Love Experts


Private Retreat in a 12,000 sq ft Mansion in South Tahoe


Imagine being nestled in the majesty and beauty of the Lake Tahoe forest inside an incredible  12,000 sq. ft 14-bedroom mansion that sits on 7 private acres with 20 - 30 other evolutionary lovers diving deeply into what it means to rewrite your relationship DNA and raise the conversations you are having about love, sex, intimacy, and relationship?

We'll be convening in this magical space to do an intensive deep dive into the evolving nature of love itself.  We'll be convening in this space to dialogue collectively to consider your role in your ideal love story.  We'll be convening in this space to work with you to finally unwind and transcend your deepest and most persistent patterns that you've perhaps been unable to unwind on your own so that collectively we can create a new source code for love in our lives.

In this intensive deep dive you'll walk away with new frameworks, new conversations, and new practices to break the core wounds that have held you back from becoming a securely connected evolving lover, partner, playmate, and friend.

This retreat includes...

  • 4 Days, 3 Nights Accommodations in South Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Access to the 7 acre grounds which includes heated pool, hot tub, sauna, game room, plenty of outdoor decks, theater, multiple fire places to cozy up to
  • 9 Private bedrooms and 4 shared bedrooms to choose from (early birds get first choice)
  • 3 Healthy Gourmet meals with vegetarian and non-gluten options served each day
  • Welcome Dinner and Opening Circle on Thursday evening
  • Sunday breakfast and Closing Session
  • A plentiful mixture of facilitated time by Bryan & Jennifer and open time to integrate and enjoy your surroundings

3-Day Evolving Love Retreat May 5th - 8th 2016

Treat Yourself To Epic Love

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Raising the conversations, practices, and frameworks around relating


Visual Art: 'Union' by Android Jones
depicting Bryan & Jennifer's love story

Just a few things we'll likely cover during the retreat...

  • Practice the 7 evolutionary conversations that will raise the consciousness of your relationship
  • Dissolve codependent and insecure attachment patterns and learn the 3 steps to create a secure connection
  • How to detect your partner’s highest evolutionary path and how to guide them to it
  • Learn what to do when your partner triggers you and how to de-escalate without giving up your truth
  • Find the invisible symmetries that keep you thinking your relationship is “out of balance”
  • 3 things you can say to your partner that will instantly make them supportive
  • The monogamous and open relationship playbooks for how to keep your relationship sexy and drama free

We'll also be sourcing some of your deepest questions, core triggers,
and most persistent challenges 
and resolving them on the spot.

3-Day Evolving Love Retreat May 5th - 8th 2016

Ready to rewrite your relationship DNA?

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Anyone Single Or Partnered Who Wants to Break Through Their Relationship Patterns


As someone who is single right now, come to this retreat to learn how to create a conscious relationship right from the start...

Come ready to unearth the blindspots and core patterns that are likely in the way from you finding true love and partnership.

Learn how to heal insecure attachment whether you are an avoidant type who tends to run away or need space OR whether you are an anxious type that tends to cling and hold too tightly to love.

Learn how to re-parent your wounded child so that you show up to your next relationship conscious, whole and complete.  Heal and unlearn these patterns before entering into your next relationship so that you can show up as the epic lover you were naturally born to be.

Develop an evolutionary context for why you are in relationship to begin with that will inspire your future partner to want to take that journey alongside you.

If you are in a relationship that's having trouble, come to this retreat to rise above conflict and the patterns that create it and get step-by-step instructions on how to de-escalate and re-ignite your relationship into the love story it was meant to be...

Maybe you sometimes feel frustrated, insecure, unseen/unheard, smothered, under-nourished, or not completely loved the way that you want. Maybe you’ve even decided these feelings are a “normal” part of relationships.

Come to this retreat to rewrite your relationship DNA and break free from some of these patterns and with your partner you can find the hidden symmetries that keep you thinking your relationship is out of balance.

Discover how you might be unintentionally leak safety and trust out of your relationship.

Learn to use conflict as an opportunity to connect and grow as you learn how to dismantle your projects and safely heal old hurts.

If you are a couple in bliss, you are already committed to having the best relationship possible. Come to this retreat to practice the 7 conversations and practices that will raise the consciousness of your relationship and help it stay that way.

We’ll teach you the 10 distinctions that turn relationships from ordinary to extraordinary, and guide you as you co-create the evolutionary context to your relationship, up-leveling the way you relate and diffusing most conflict before it starts.

Enjoy deep experiential exercises with our lover's guide to monogamy and/or open relationships to keep your relationships hot, sexy, and nearly drama free.

Come dialogue with us about your deepest questions surrounding love, sex, and intimacy and take on a deep consideration for your relationship that will take you into the next level of your development.

3-Day Evolving Love Retreat May 5th - 8th 2016

Is It Time To Breakthrough Your Relationship Patterns?

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An Unique Opportunity to Get Laser Guidance From Bryan & Jennifer For Your Unique Situation


OPTIONAL:  Add-On This 90-min Align Your Life Session For Private Coaching With Bryan & Jennifer. When you register, under QTY you can select either '1' to purchase the session or '0' to omit it.

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Having an evolutionary relationship doesn't happen by accident.  It's something you consciously create with your knowledge, your beliefs & your emotional availability. Whether you're single or in a relationship, everything you do is either pulling intimacy towards you, or pushing it away.

Commonplace, ordinary views lead to having commonplace, ordinary relationships. When you are out of alignment in your love life, you are likely holding beliefs that seem like they make sense on the surface, but actually strangle the magic out of what could otherwise be epic and lasting love affairs. I want to help you re-ignite the magic and get back to the place where excitement, respect, and romance seem to flow effortlessly between you. In these sessions you’ll get a new, broader context for love, sex, intimacy and your specific relationship patterns.

No matter what you’re dealing with in your relationship, your relationship struggles are normal and can be overcome...but we often need outside help to end recurring fights once and for all.  Once you see how you are creating the exact behavior in your partner that troubles or frustrates you the most, you can free yourself of repeating the same fights over and over and start to use your relationship to call you both into being the most extraordinary versions of yourself. Extraordinary Relationship Sessions are offered for women, men, and couples.

Depending on your situation here's some of what we might cover in your private 90 minute session with Bryan & Jennifer:

  • Laser coaching custom crafted to your unique situation
  • Uncover the ways you are unconsciously rewarding the behavior you appreciate the least in your relationships
  • See the beauty and wisdom in the parts of you that have previously been shown only guilt or shame
  • Create a new, inspiring context for your relationship that moves on from repetitive arguments once and for all, and offers a way forward for you both to live into
  • Understand you and your partner (if you are in a relationship now) at a deeper level than you’ve ever been able to before
  • Learn how to use your intuition and emotional body as a divining rod for truth, as well as methods for speaking your truth that open your partner’s heart (rather than making him/her defensive or scared)


Partners in Life, In Love & In Business.


Bryan and Jennifer have led 20 years of impactful transformational events designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs. They incorporate the best of NLP, the human potential movement, family systems, attachment theory, spiritual practices, collaborative systems, neuroscience, tribal circling technologies, and sacred theater.

In the business domain they've founded over a dozen businesses and have helped 7 companies scale to the billion dollar mark and thousands of entrepreneurs create successful businesses with a unique combination of business strategy and deeply transformative identity level work.

Bryan and Jennifer work with couples to develop a deeper context for their relationship designed leading both partners towards their own evolution. They are a stand for relationships that have a 'both / and' rather than an 'either / or' relationship to Freedom and Devotion.

When they first came together they didn't know how to "do relationship" after having each experienced the more typical patterns most of us call relating. Given their dedication to growth and desire to become extraordinary lovers they decided deliberately to build what they call an evolutionary partnership brick by brick developing powerful models and distinctions along the way.

Today they've become icons of spiritual union as depicted in Android Jone's most recognized visionary art piece entitled 'Union'.

Shane Metcalf

Bryan and Jennifer's belief that we can all live extraordinary Love stories has been a golden key that helped unlock one the greatest treasure troves of beauty, pleasure and growth I've ever known. For the past 6 years I've fallen deeper and deeper in love with the woman of my dreams. I've gone down the relational rabbit hole they not only pointed to but also provided a map for, and the results are nothing less than an experience of heaven on earth. To fully invest in relationship as a transformational mechanism which can help us birth our greatest selves is one of the greatest gifts we can give our selves, our partners and our communities.

Shane Metcalf, Co-founder | VP of Customer Success at 15Five
Annie Lalla

Bryan and Jennifer embody a unique face of love. It’s an extraordinary love to be surrounded by. They are my teachers and an inspiration to parts of me that I didn’t know could come alive. These are two of the most brilliant human beings I’ve ever known individually and in relationship and they have inspired me to love better.

Annie Lalla, Love Expert
Eben Pagan

I’ve spent multi-hour sessions with them and it was very unifying. They have this uncanny ability to really allow you to see your partner’s perspectives and have your partner see yours. I saw a whole new way of doing love - got a whole new set of distinctions, new ideas, and new ways of seeing things. These are a couple of the best in the world.

Eben Pagan, Marketing Expert | Love, Dating & Intimacy Expert
Julia A.

Bryan and Jennifer are two of the most revolutionary teachers of evolved partnership. After the honeymoon period, deep relationship can be an exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience. Bryan and Jennifer have successfully navigated this for themselves, and subsequently reverse engineered how others can not only navigate the rough currents of partnership - but succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

Observing how they relate to each other permanently changed what I thought could be possible in a romantic partnership, and in the years since I first met them and attended their ground breaking wedding, their advice, teachings and one-on-one coaching sessions have massively changed the way in which I partner with my significant other, dramatically upping the health and happiness of my relationship.

If you're interested in taking your relating not just to the next level, but several levels above that, they're the ones I would learn from - for the most cutting edge material, useful exercises, and intelligent thought leadership on the subject of love and partnership.

Most people would kill to be in a relationship like Bryan & Jennifer - they are literally the poster couple for Evolved Love (see Android Jones' Union). Learn from them, listen to them, spend time with them, and you'll notice your entire frame of "what is possible within love" expanding into territory you never dreamed possible.

Julia A., Press & Media Consultant
Rain Phuturprimitive

Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin not only see how and why couple do what they do; not only do they have incredible tools for transmuting limiting patterns and accelerating positive heavers, they are masters as it. And they know how to translate this technology into real world change for those fortunate enough to receive it.

Rain Phuturprimitive, Electronic Music Composer
Alex Allman

I’d be willing to bet cash money, in pretty much any amount that you could afford to lose, that if you play hard in Bryan and Jennifer’s program you’ll get higher level insight and immediately actionable ideas than you’ve received from any other resource. They have a unique ability to help you leapfrog in terms of growth/profit, and in terms of the dream you have for your own life. Care to bet?

Alex Allman, Founder RevolutionarySex.com

3-Day Evolving Love Retreat May 5th - 8th 2016

Ready to rewrite your relationship DNA & Embody your ideal love story

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Still Have Questions about the Evolving Love Retreat?

First check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most common questions we get.   If you still have questions that aren't covered there feel free to contact us for a 30 minute 1:on:1 conversation.  You can pick a time by clicking here -  Scheduling A Phone Call.

3-Day Evolving Love Retreat May 5th - 8th 2016

Ready to rewrite your relationship DNA & Embody your ideal love story

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